The root of photography has its roots in the old times, when the first camera was invented. That was named the camera obscura. The birth of camera and the idea of capturing moments and people in timeless pieces called photographs. People came to know that using the reflection of light through a particular technique they can capture a photograph. But at that time color in photography were not introduced. Photos were black and white and a little bit hazy.

Through centuries people fascinated with this idea has grown many different technical method to develop the skill in photography.  The invention of commercial digital camera in 1990 soon revolutionized photography.  During the first decade of 21st century the development of chemical photography was made. The first widely used method of color photography was the Auto chrome plate, a process inventors and brothers Auguste and Louis began working on in the 1890’s and commercially introduced in 1907.

Cameras and lenses

  • Basic camera function

In its simplest form, the camera is a light tight box with a lens, a shutter, a diaphragm and a holding device and a viewfinder.  The lens projects an inverted image of the object.  The shutter consist of a metallic leaves mounted in or behind the lens or a system of blinds positioned in front of the film. It can be made to open for a predominant time to expose the film to the image formed by the lens.

  • The medium sized hand camera

The medium sized hand camera was popular with the press photographers in the first half of twentieth century. Older versions had folding bellows and a lens standard on an extendable baseboard. Modern versions have a rigid body with interchangeable front and rear units.

Photography has always been a passion for a set of people who love to capture the beauty or sometimes the negativity of the visual world. For this reason they travel all across the world to discover some new sight. For them capturing the visual beauty is the only thing they enjoy doing. Love of photography has been intensified in the past years in the youth.